Bulletproof Guide for Stable Passive Income on Redbubble in 2022 — Part 1

What is passive income? Does it exist?

For the second question, the answer is yes and no. Let’s start with the opposite, the active income. It means that you give your time to someone in exchange for money. It means when you work you are paid but when you don’t, you don’t receive any money.

What is print on demand?

I’m sure you’ve already heard that term and maybe you are familiar with it as well. In case you haven’t let me sum it up.

Getting started with a real strategy

Making steady and passive income is not easy but it is worth your time, I promise. You can create a Redbubble account, upload random designs and wait for the miracle, but this is not the way you will succeed.

Choose a niche

It’s easier said than done but stick with me. For the first 100 t-shirts create designs in one niche only. Choose your hobby as a starting point and narrow it down. It’s a good indication that a niche is well defined if you search for it on Redbubble and the number of results is just a few hundred. Check this in an example:

Upload, upload, upload

..but do not spam. Once you create a design, make a few variants of it (different font, different text, different colors) and upload these as well. On Redbubble it’s important to have great keywords for your designs. Start with the niche and write a few more from the top of your head. I usually put around 15–20 keywords on a design. If you need ideas on how to choose tags check out Redbubble’s own post: https://blog.redbubble.com/2015/06/how-to-tag-artwork/.



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